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I thought it maybe nice to feature a glimpse of some illustration development and highlight some things I’ve learnt along the way.

Icon development

Experimenting with ideas and colour

I find it helps when designing the composition of an illustration to place your characters in position first. Then build up your layout and surrounding environment around them and the central action taking place. Once the composition is complete you can then add texture and more detail to the image.

Illustration tips

Illustration development – from the book ‘Pongy Stinkbelly finds a friend

Sketching ideas first can save time and help experiment in the initial stages of a project. Also keeping old sketches is a great source of inspiration and help for new projects. Making a moodboard and researching styles first helps develop a strong sense of the project and it’s identity. I also use Pinterest – another great way of scrap booking and logging ideas.

Sketch ideas first - experimental work for 'A Bear's Sleepy Journey'

Sketch ideas first – experimental work for ‘A Bear’s Sleepy Journey

If something isn’t working, I’m not afraid to try again or rework it. Keeping a draft of the old one always means nothing lost and can compare and contrast the results.

Dont be afraid to try again - from the book 'Pongy Stinkbelly finds a friend'

Reworking can get better results – from the book ‘Pongy Stinkbelly finds a friend

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